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The Kaliningrad region took 8th place in the ranking of the best special economic zones in the world "Global Free Zones of the Year"

Foreign Direct Investment Intelligence magazine FDI Intelligence releases an annual ranking of the best special economic zones in the world Global Free Zones of the Year.
In the Global Free Zones of the Year ranking, six independent judges evaluated 70 SEZs that submitted their applications for the current year 2021.
Despite the tremendous challenges that free economic zones around the world have faced due to the pandemic, it is worth noting that many of them have shown greater resilience and ability to withstand the immediate effects of the crisis.
Kaliningrad SEZ participates in the rating for the second time. In 2020, we managed to win in 3 categories: Logistics, New Investments, Relocation Programs. This year, for the first time, the Kaliningrad Region entered the top 10 and ranked 8th among the world's best SEZs.
Advantages of the Kaliningrad region:
1. The Kaliningrad SEZ is developing dynamically. Large export and green industries have recently been attracted, with many of the existing residents expanding their footprint on a regular basis.
2. People are our top priority. The region creates a comfortable business environment and special conditions in the SEZ of the Kaliningrad region in order to improve the standard of living of people through economic growth.
3. Special attention is paid to projects and initiatives that comply with the principles of sustainable development, including environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG).
4. The pandemic has taught us to be more flexible in matters of state regulation. We have learned to introduce support measures and adjust our strategy faster than ever before.

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