The Project of IT-Park

IT-park location

The Kaliningrad Industrial Construction College on Gorky Street is the most suitable territory today for the future IT-park. For the reconstruction period students and employees will continue the educational process at other institutions of professional education in Kaliningrad, and then return to the renovated and improved building. Students will have a possibility to get an education in information technologies due to the labor market current demands.

IT-park includes the following objects:
• Research and Education Center (420 students and an annual output of 160 professionals)
• Incubator for start-ups
• Business incubator for innovational IT projects
• Household infrastructure: sports stadium, shopping area, 5-level parking
• Nursery with 40 places, a house, a conference room and other facilities

It is hard to imagine comfortable conditions for working and learning professionals, who shouldn’t be distracted from their innovation activity, without this infrastructure. Research and Education Center is not only the instrument for training specialists, but also a place for active research in the IT field.

Financing of a project

IT Park is created in a framework of the Russian Federation Development Strategy, the main goal of which is to lead the Russian economy to innovative way. That is why the main means for IT-park are allocated from the Federal budget. Public investments in such projects are first of all required to attract business and to reduce risks of entrepreneurs, as such State support works as insurance.

Future specialists for IT-Park
At present, on the one hand, there is a tendency of brain drain. The conditions of European tech parks are much better than our resources. On the other hand, about 120 young IT specialists graduate annually from Kaliningrad universities; moreover there are specialists from other regions, coming to our region. These are two opposite trends. Our task is to create in the region a special educational center which will attract thousands of young people, dreaming of high-tech future. A project IT-park "Kaliningrad" is supposed to perform this mission. Techno park will give an opportunity to work and study in such areas as: electronics, information and telecommunication systems, development and testing of software for high-tech industries (medical, financial, banking, energy, automotive, shipbuilding), the development of mobile and cloud technologies web-based application, processing and storage of data (data-center). Graduates will have a number of completed projects, which will allow them to become the residents of the cluster or to get in the already formed team.

For example, Kazan IT park created about 4,000 jobs for a 3 year period. It is not a secret that IT specialists are better paid than specialists in other areas. If the specialist allocates his capabilities, ideas and time correctly, he can earn a lot of money by implementing his idea into reality. The task of the IT Park is to help these specialists.

Competition with other similar projects

Thanks to the competitors, we have an opportunity to take only their successful experience and not to repeat the mistakes. For example, Silicon Valley – it’s, of course, a unique project. United States came to this since the end of the World War II and obtained the tangible results only in the 60s. The Corporation has less time, but more possibilities. Russia integrates foreign experience in "Skolkovo" project, as well as in the industrial parks in Kazan, Kaluga, Samara, Moscow and other Russian regions. In addition, we have signed cooperation agreement with many technology parks. For example with Gdansk Science and Technology Park - a Pomeranian area leader, with German technopolis "Berlin-Adlershof". Now we are on the final stage of signing the agreement with "Skolkovo" Fondation. The aim of the agreement is to share experience that is the most important issue for us now. We used the best practices of competitors and partners and combined them into our project named "IT Park "Kaliningrad".

Today, the absence of industrial park and IT professionals in the Kaliningrad region leads to the fact that many promising IT developments, implemented by Russian specialists, are realized in the neighboring countries: Poland, the Baltic States and the Nordic countries. So there is a demand from IT business, but there are no required conditions for it.
In recent years, the IT-sector needs highly specialized personnel, such as web-programmers, web-designers, project managers. IT Park can tackle this issue as well. It will be possible to get additional education in the IT sector, which is necessary for professional growth. This industry is very adaptable and requires not only IT specialists, but also the specialists of other areas, such as economists, marketing managers and others with the knowledge of specific industries. That is why the need for an IT park in the Kaliningrad region is obvious.

Expected results of the project

The main goal is to increase the budget of the region by promoting the growth of the IT sector. For example, in 2012, revenues of IT accounted for 6.34 billion rubles. By 2020, this figure will reach 25.6 billion rubles. Moreover new job places will be created, the possibility to attract orders and projects from international companies will appear. That will provide Russian specialists with essential knowledge and skills in the areas, which are not yet exist in Russia, and thus join our specialists to the global culture of doing IT business. Kaliningrad region will have an opportunity to become one of the European centers of IT industry, involving the representatives of the world leading companies to the industrial park. In 2012 Kazan IT Park brought more than 578 million rubles of tax deductions to the budget. These figures instill confidence in the fact that such project will also bring many benefits to our area.