Information technologies and telecommunications are one of the fastest growing areas of the global economy. The development of this industry is driving many related industries and allows to establish high-tech manufacturing.

According to the rating of Innovation Cities Global Index 2012-2013 Kaliningrad attributed to the "influential" centers of innovation, being one of the points of concentration of innovation resources in Europe.
Based on Concept main principles of long-term socio-economic development of Russian Federation up to 2020, the concept of innovation cluster development program of the Kaliningrad region - Ingrad Baltica was formed.

The innovation development cluster, which will attract highly skilled labor force, not only from other regions of Russia, but also from the closest European countries - it will give impetus to the development of innovations in the region, is created on the territory of the Kaliningrad region. In 2012 about 150 families of IT professionals have moved to the Kaliningrad region. These figures show the demand for information technologies in the Kaliningrad region and the need for government support of IT sector.

The infrastructure of INGRAD-Baltica IT cluster includes:
1. "Kaliningrad" IT-park complex. This is the technology park of ​​high technology area, providing the conditions for the high-tech IT start-ups development, education and training of professionals for the innovative sectors of the economy;
2. "Technology park Technobalt" including the offshore software subcluster;
3. Business-Incubator (Serzhantskaya Ul.).

The outcome of the projects listed is supposed to be the creation in the Kaliningrad region of modern IT-cluster, which includes R & D centers, advanced infrastructure for the high-tech projects and productions implementation. This will make the Kaliningrad region the place where it will be convenient and advantageous for the corporate and venture sectors to implement attractive projects, along with the creation of a competitive economy.