You can download an application form as an MS Word file here Application to Establish Production, complete it and send us your application to, or use the form below.

I. Information about the company (required)
Applicant (full company name)


Registration Date
Contact Person


II. Information about the company's current financial and economic status (if available)
Balance sheet for the last three years

Strategic indicators of the company's interior performance

  1. Profit;
  2. Profitability;
  3. Production cost;
  4. Sales to total assets;
  5. Estimate of the company's competitive strength;
  6. Key success factors;
  7. Description of the company's production.

Strategic indicators of the company's external environment

  1. Estimate of the product market;
  2. Share of the regional market in the company's production;
  3. Analysis of Porter's five competitive strengths (suppliers, substitute products, sellers, new competitors).
Number of jobs
Average salary
III. Information on financial feasibility of the project (required)
Description of the employed production method and the products manufactured presently, with indication of the production volumes and utilised capacity

Estimate of the level of process equipment


Share of the regional market in the company's production (%)
Availability of project-related documents (market analysis, project feasibility study and justification, business plan, investment memorandum, other documents
Project implementation period: start of project implementation/construction, project commissioning
Current project implementation phase
Budget allocations required from the RF Investment Fund for project implementation
Description of the investment quality of the project
Total project cost (RUB million)
Own funds available (RUB million)
Form of investment
Financial and budgetary project performance indicators
Net Present Value (NPV)
Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
Payback Period (PBP)
Benefit-to-cost ratio (B/C ratio)

Cash Flow distributed by the year


Participants/partners of the investment project, including investors


Executive in charge of the investment project
Number of staff to be employed in construction phase and operation phase
Number of off-site staff required to be employed
Average salary
IV. Information about infrastructural requirements (required)
Area of the requested land plot (m2)
Minimum length (m)
Minimum width (m)
Land category
Type of production
Production hazard class, including fire danger
Width of the required sanitary protection zone (m)
Electric power supply:
Assurance factor
Gas supply:
Water supply:
Total (m3/day)
Drinking water (m3/day)
Process water (m3/day)
Sewage disposal ( m3/day)
Rainwater disposal (l/s)
Freight vehicle turnover (vehicles/day, carrying capacity)
Availability of railway access (requirement, freight turnover in carriages/day)
Number of jobs
Average salary
Total investments in the project
Source of funding
Budget funding
Non-budget funding
Construction phase

Other conditions/requirements

*Please provide figures in the units specified in the application form.