Create small businesses in the Kaliningrad Region!

State support is provided for the Kaliningrad Region's small and medium enterprises under a special regional programme. The state support is mainly provided in the following forms:

1. Partial subsidising of lease-and-purchase installment payments made to purchase fixed assets.

2. Partial subsidising of the costs of connecting to the electric power grid.

3. Partial subsidising of the costs of setting up privately owned businesses by registered unemployed persons.

4. Partial subsidising of the costs of registering a business, buying equipment, leasing premises and connecting to the electric power grid during the first year of business.

5. Partial subsidising of legal entities' costs of creating innovative companies.

6. Issuance of bank loan guarantees in the event of insufficiency of the business’s own security.

7. Provision of support for enterprises whose goods, works or services are exported.

8. Partial subsidising of enterprises' costs of participating in exhibitions and fairs.

9. Subsidising the costs of training, retraining and skills upgrading.

Kaliningrad Regional Entrepreneurship Support Fund
236000 Kaliningrad, Pl. Pobedy 10, 6th floor, offices 608, 610, 611
Phone +7 4012 593169