SEZ residents enjoy the following tax benefits in the payment of corporate income tax and property tax:

General taxation

Income tax 20%

Property tax 2.2%

SEZ taxation

0% - during the first 6 years,

50% of the effective rate in the 7th through 12th years

At present, over 100 companies have been included in the Register of Kaliningrad SEZ Residents.

The status of an SEZ resident may be granted to a Russian legal entity, which has been registered in the Kaliningrad Region and has made a commitment to invest no less than RUB 150 million in fixed assets within the first three years of project implementation.

Benefits of investing in the Kaliningrad Region:
- Skilled workforce and good HR development facilities
- Developed engineering and manufacturing infrastructure
- Administrative support for investment projects by the Government of the Kaliningrad region
- High level of security
- Being centrally located in Europe, the region is attractive to investors
- A simplified procedure has been set in place for issuing Russian visas to foreign nationals

Ministry of Economy of the Kaliningrad Region
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