Russian-Austrian Business Council: a demanded communication platform

June 21, Vienna hosted the 10th jubilee forum of the Russian-Austrian Business Council.

Tourism in Kaliningrad Region
The situation in 2017
The SPIEF-2017 results
The Kaliningrad region signed the whole pool of new contracts.
A story of success: GREEN ACTION – a great step towards recycling in Kaliningrad!
We start a series of reports on successful enterprises, projects, initiatives in our region. What did they go through, which challenges did they face and what opportunities exist for business in the Kaliningrad Region? An awardee of Amber Mercury, the ecological project of Oleg Paukov GREEN ACTION - in our first report!
Analytics on regional development corporations in Russia: results of the year 2016
How many organizations of that kind exist in Russia? How do they inform the society about their activities? Which of them are the most transparent? Which problems do they face?
The collaboration of the Kaliningrad Region with Catalonian enterprises has begun
Agreements of intent have been signed between the Kaliningrad Region Development Corporation, Catalonian Institute of Soil (INCASOL) and CIMALSA company. 
Vladimir Zarudny: The special features of our economy are tourism and ecological environment
Top-management of the Kaliningrad Region Development Corporation gave an interview to Vadim Khlebnikov, reporter of the media portal RUGRAD.EU. We have selected the most interesting passages of the interview.
Kaliningrad will allocate 20 mln rubles to compensate expenses on shooting films in the region
The Kaliningrad Region will allocate around 20 mln rubles to compensate expenses of film producers on shooting films and series in the region. The idea was introduced on the session “Film industry: promoting regions” during the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi by Vladimir Zarudny, Director General of the Kaliningrad Region Development Corporation.
Priority investment areas and projects in the Kaliningrad Region discussed at the meeting with the Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany Dr. Michael Banzhaf
Vladimir Zarudny emphasized that the Kaliningrad Region Development Corporation does not only launch new, creative ideas but is also engaged with their implementation, making all the necessary estimations for financial models, organizing meetings with profile investors and official agencies and coordinating the entire work.
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